Baby and Toddler Bible Class

People usually respond in surprise, unbelief or cynicism when you say your six month old baby attends Bible Class. They wonder how a baby can comprehend concepts that even an adult has difficulty understanding.  Yet the Bible has several examples of how responsive a baby’s spirit is to the Holy Spirit – even before  birth.

Babies are introduced to God from six months old. They enjoy  the Bible stories. Learn how to talk to God and love singing along to songs.

Parents are equipped and encouraged to train  their children in the home in a natural, consistent way during these vitally important and often neglected early years.

Moms also connect with one another and enjoy the lessons with their children – strong bonds and friendships are formed within the groups. Babies 

respond very positively and enjoy coming to their weekly lesson.

Our prayer is that you too will discover the multi faceted richness we experienced as we watch our babies and toddlers respond to the Lord Jesus Christ from a very early age.

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